Transpennine Route Upgrade

Manchester, UK

Project synopsis

Design participant in the Transpennine Route Upgrade West Alliance, a £3bn programme of work which will enable more trains, shorter journey times and a more reliable train service.

End client

Network Rail

Tony Gee is a design participant in the Transpennine Route Upgrade West Alliance, where we hold the pivotal role of discipline lead for structures. Our scope encompasses track, geotechnical, station, lineside civils, and temporary works design, reflecting our commitment to delivering an integrated approach. The project's objectives are multi-faceted, aiming to achieve electrification, capacity enhancements, and journey time reductions. We have been instrumental in the delivery of the scheme designing multiple interventions across the route.

The route upgrade traverses diverse environments, spanning natural landscapes and urban settings, each posing distinct constraints and considerations. Impact assessments were meticulously conducted at each asset, revealing specific constraints and localised concerns. In urban areas, the focus was on minimising construction impacts on local communities, while rural locations emphasised local ecology and habitat preservation. Constructability assessments were seamlessly integrated into final designs, allowing us to eliminate potential impacts and implement mitigation measures for residual effects.

As part of our collaborative approach to problem-solving, we provided 24/7 site support to address issues as they arose during the blockade, thus preventing delays and ensuring the project’s seamless progression.

We have provided dedicated support to the TRU Alliance by delivering up-to-date and pertinent information to the communications team. We have also effectively demonstrated built-in efficiencies, value for money, and the minimisation of construction impacts on both built and natural environments.