Working at Tony Gee; culture & lifestyle

Tony Gee's strategy for nurturing young engineers up to chartership is well documented and publicised, so within this article we shine a light on the the values and culture at Tony Gee that make it a very attractive career proposition for the experienced professional.

Our culture is defined by one aspiration; we want everyone at Tony Gee to achieve their full potential. We recognise that in order to remain competitive as a business, we must welcome the greatest breadth of talent and they must enjoy and thrive in their roles.

Since its inception in 1974, Tony Gee has always tried to foster a culture that nurtures and supports the development of its people, whilst providing the structure and tools to apply their expertise and deliver success.

When asked, our members praise our culture for the following merits:

  • Owner Managed - we're an independent business and free to make our own decisions
  • Director Involvement - senior and junior members of staff interact on a horizontal plane, to reduce bureaucracy and speed up information exchange
  • Engineering Challenges - Tony Gee has a well established reputation for not shying away from risk, or indeed complex engineering challenges
  • Development & Support - We enjoy high retention levels of both people and clients, focussing on providing clear career development journeys is attributable to this success
  • Social Good - Using the utility of design engineering to better society is inherent with our values and is applied to not only our client's projects but our charitable work too

This was further echoed in a recent report by Investors In People:

“Tony Gee has again achieved a performance level of Gold and looks well placed to further develop excellence in people leadership and development over the next three years. People at Tony Gee understand the continuing growth trajectory and the reasons for this strategic choice, they are strongly value driven and ambitious to do well for themselves, their business, clients and the wider community.

The business feels energised and as optimistic as is possible given the wider economic uncertainly of the times. And importantly Tony Gee’s leadership has attracted a high level of trust from people across the business. Communication is open and multiple channels appear to be used well; people feel that the right balance between one to one, online and formal communications is in place. Values and behaviours are modelled effectively by many managers and appear well embedded in people recruitment, management and performance review processes.

People feel they can influence decision making, pursue improvement and progress with support. A network of action groups and committees engages a wide range of people and lead on critical operational and delivery related matters from sustainability and digital working to diversity and health and wellbeing.”

Which we have taken to heart and called upon to further develop our culture.

We also asked two members of the Tony Gee team to encapsulate the culture and provide their own review:

“Tony Gee commits to staff even in the bad times and they look after us, so I have a high level of trust – there’s no false optimism around future workload, I feel in the loop.”

“What gives me confidence is that we are seeking growth not for its sake but as a way of the partnership achieving succession plans and continuity… we have the [right] structure, culture and a commitment to being an independent business in the future – the challenge will be to get this right at 500 to 700 people.”

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