Life in the Highways Team

Are you are thinking of applying for a role in our expanding Highways Team?

Perhaps you’re wondering what life is like at Tony Gee, what working in the Highways team is like, what the people are like or even what sort of projects you can look forward to working on.

We asked a range of questions to a different members of our Highways team and these were their responses:

Anniela Halley – Graduate Engineer in our Birmingham office:

Anniela Halley Graduate banner with Wokingham Eastern Gateway behind

What made you join Tony Gee?

There were several factors that I considered during my application to Tony Gee.

As a Caribbean student, the journey through university was purposeful and I wanted to continue down the path of working for a company that focused beyond making a profit but impacting the wider community.

Tony Gee takes a lot of pride in their work and I have found myself involved with a spirit of excellence and it is these qualities that I found very attractive and which made me join them.

Tell us about a project which is memorable or special for you

A project that has opened my eyes to the amazing, yet complex work that engineers do was located in Wokingham where I was tasked to create Advance Direction Signs.

This project exposed me to new things and has given me the opportunity to expand my thinking, understanding and knowledge of traffic signs and highways engineering in general.

It has also made me aware of the importance of thinking beyond what meets the eye and to always consider the road users.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about wanting to join us at Tony Gee?

Do it!

Tony Gee is a company where you can grow and you are fully supported in the process by everyone! The atmosphere is welcoming, colleagues are supportive and always keen and willing to answer any questions you may have. Therefore, if you are keen to learn and grow as an Engineer, then this is the place for you.

Marc Glass - Group Director in our Birmingham office:

Mark Glass Group Director banner with Doha Link behind

What made you join Tony Gee?

My No.1 reason – culture, no doubt. After spending most of my career with major Tier 1 consultants who had been taken over by American mega-consultants I wanted to move somewhere where I could truly get back to ‘consultancy’ and practice the reasons why I chose the industry for a career in the first place – to make a difference.

Tell us about a project which is memorable or special for you

Warrington Western Link – My first assignment with the company; winning the project as Bid Director and now delivering as Project Director.
We have an expanding portfolio of schemes with the likes of National Highways and other highways authorities. I always have plenty on my plate

What would you say to anyone thinking about joining Tony Gee?

If you are looking for a place where you can have an influence and get involved at the sharp end of engineering and design then this is the place for you. I believe we are different to others as we are a consultancy whose values include respect, reward and recognition and a friendly environment across the company.

Sue Clark - Senior Engineer in our Manchester office:

Sue Clark Highways Banner

Background at Tony Gee

I started working at Tony Gee as a Geotechnical Design Engineer. Over time I discovered that I really enjoyed Project Management and decided that I would prefer to pursue this career pathway instead. I raised this with my local Directors, who reached out across the business to find me suitable opportunities. After an initial trial period to help me be sure about making this career shift I now work as a Project Manager mainly with the Highways team. I was really grateful for the support I was given, and the confidence that was placed in me to develop in an area I was interested in. It showed me that I was appreciated, and a valued member of the team.

What made you join Tony Gee?

I previously worked as a Graduate Geotechnical Engineer at one of the large civil engineering companies but found the big corporate culture frustrating so wanted a change. I chose to move to Tony Gee because it was a smaller, partner owned company, which was well renowned for it’s technical excellence.

I thought that it sounded like a company where an individual would be recognised – and it is!

Tell us about a project which is memorable or special for you

The first project I worked on where my official role was in the Project Management team was for the outline design of a new highway, Warrington Western Link. This was a really big Tony Gee project and provided a platform where I could develop and demonstrate my management skills alongside a great team.

I found myself really enjoying my work, which cemented my decision to move into Project Management.

What would you say to anyone thinking about joining Tony Gee?


I can truly say that the supportive and flexible culture will allow you to shape your own career. Tony Gee truly does value and trust it’s staff, and if you speak up you can initiate real change. Your skills will be recognised, and you will be given the freedom to develop them.

Jonny Sedgley – Graduate Engineer in our Birmingham office:

Jonny Sedgley GRaduate Engineer Banner with Colne Valley behind

What made you join Tony Gee?

It looked to me like a great opportunity to work for a fast-growing medium sized company that offered work on large highway projects but also on smaller, more involved projects.

Having done a few placements at a larger consultancy the more ‘family’ style atmosphere at Tony Gee was also a pull for me as it was clear that staff felt valued during conversations with them.

Tony Gee also being an LLP was another incentive to join as there are no remote shareholders to answer to, so staff always come first as shown by Tony Gee still recruiting throughout the pandemic.

Tell us about a project which is memorable or special for you

Only a small project but after a year of starting at Tony Gee I was tasked with creating an access road for a project.

The project was the first time I had responsibility for all highway elements on the scheme (the alignment and drainage) and it allowed me to put everything I had learned over my first year at Tony Gee into practice.

I got experience of dealing with contractors and clients in meetings and explaining my decisions to them, which was daunting at first but the support I had meant that I was well prepared for it.

The project really showed me how much I had developed as an engineer over my first year with Tony Gee.

What would you say to anyone thinking about wanting to join us at Tony Gee?

Just sign up!

If you are someone who likes to be given the opportunity to develop their skills and enjoys responsibility, then Tony Gee is perfect for you. The support and opportunities I have had here far exceed what my friends at other larger companies have experienced.

If a career in Highways at Tony Gee sounds like something you’d be interested in:

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