Tony Gee launches Sustainability Strategy for 2023

Tony Gee has recently launched a Sustainability Strategy across the whole of the company to ensure sustainability is at the heart of everything they do.

The vision of the sustainability strategy aligns with the company’s ‘design once, engineer right’ approach ‘balancing the needs of industry, society and environment equally’. Everyone within the business has a role in making the vision a reality for the company and clients. Tony Gee want to ensure that all their staff are focussed on how they can make a meaningful difference with regards to sustainability. The aspiration is to continue to nurture a culture where thinking about sustainability is second nature and just part of what Tony Gee do. 

Tony Gee recognises that sustainability, and specific aspects of this broad field, are critical issues for employees, clients, and public users of civil engineering infrastructure. Clients in all sectors have an increasing drive to address climate change, biodiversity and social value with more requirements filtering to projects. Putting sustainability at the core of the design process ensures they can deliver against a client’s requirements, and continue to offer the right solutions for all. 

To support the strategy, Tony Gee is providing a full programme of activities, including training, skills development and technical development projects, to ensure all staff have the knowledge needed to drive sustainability forward in projects. The project teams have also been been collecting and sharing sustainability best practice and the small actions that they have already been taking in projects that can be implemented into future designs.  

This new strategy has also allowed the business to expand its apprenticeship offering by recruiting a Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Apprenticeship. With training provided by LDN Apprenticeships, the new apprentice will learn to act as the social conscience for the organisation, helping to drive environmental and social performance.

Read our Sustainability Strategy for 2023 here