Bridges to Prosperity Returns!

Tony Gee and Knights Brown are excited to announce that Bridges to Prosperity is back.

Bridges to prosperity is a non-profit US based organisation that work to provide and build small scale infrastructure for isolated or poor villages towns and regions across the world.

This will be the fifth project that Tony Gee, Knights Brown and B2P will be completing together. In the past, the partnership have successfully built bridges in Rwanda and Uganda over dangerous river crossings. These new structures have helped to save lives and provide improved access to essential amenities for the local community.

This year, 5 members from Tony Gee and 5 members from Knights Brown will form the 2023 team going to Nyagafunzo in Western Rwanda. Their aim will be to construct a trail bridge across a small valley with a river in its basin which is well known for becoming dangerous to cross during monsoon season. The requirement for an all-year-round accessible bridge has been raised by Bridges to Prosperity who, with the help of the team, will plan, design and construct a bridge which will meet the criteria of the landscape and the local people.

In the lead up to the two week trip the team will be working together to fundraise the £15,000 target goal in order to support their trip to Rwanda.