Meet the Apprentice: Jayden Cole – first year apprentice

First year apprentice, Jayden Cole, talks about how he chose to take the apprenticeship route and what stood out to him most about an apprenticeship opportunity at Tony Gee.

What made you decide to choose an apprenticeship? 

I chose an apprenticeship because it gives me the opportunity to learn about the engineering industry in a practical and academic way. Combining study and work allows me to gain understanding of all areas of the industry – the theory and the practical.

When I knew civil engineering was the field I wanted to study and work in, I knew an apprenticeship was the correct choice for me. Doing so means I can learn practical skills on the job and experience what it’s really like, and I can learn the reasoning behind what I’m doing to transfer It to different problems, whilst also having money to support myself.

How did you find out about Tony Gee and what did you like about Tony Gee that made you apply for an apprenticeship?  

I found out about Tony Gee when searching for an apprenticeship through the government’s apprenticeship website. After thorough research of the company and seeing the incredible work Tony Gee had been involved in, I knew it was something I would love to be a part of.

What is the best thing about your apprenticeship so far? 

I really like how my apprenticeship is going so far. I enjoy modelling 3D structures using Revit, It’s a great feeling watching a model come to life step by step. One thing I love about being at Tony Gee is that I’m not just an employee. There’s a real community here, a great support system and I feel part of the Tony Gee family. Also balancing work and college means that I’m constantly pushing my limits, which helps me to grow not only as an engineer but as a person too.

Do you have any advice to those thinking about taking the apprenticeship route? 

Go for it. If you’re a practical person and enjoy being more hands on It’s a chance for you to experience the real world of work, earn whilst you learn and once you finish you will have a qualification and years of experience.